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Dr. Hector P. Garcia


     The objectives of The American GI Forum, founded by Dr. Hector Garcia are as follows:

  • EDUCATION: To provide information and motivation on education, scholarships and post-secondary educational opportunities.


  • YOUTH LEADERSHIP AND MOTIVATION: To establish AGIF Youth chapters; to train youth in leadership and motivation values; to help with their education through academic and trade scholarships, to promote better career opportunities.


  • EMPLOYMENT: To establish communications with corporations and job placement organizations, to assist with job training referrals, and to ensure equal employment opportunities.


  • HUMAN RIGHTS: To enforce, defend and protect the civil and human rights of Hispanics, women and other minorities and to ensure equal opportunities as mandated by federal and state laws.


  • LEGISLATION: To provide input on enforcement of legislation that protects the rights of Hispanic veterans, their families and other minorities concerning affirmative action, benefits from social and educational.


  • AGIF of the United States: The American GI Forum is the largest Federally Chartered Hispanic Veterans organization in the U.S. With Chapters in 40 states and Puerto Rico. The AGIF also supports other Hispanic organizations, such as LULAC, NCLR, IMAGE, SER, and many others. AGIF also has a Corporate Advisory Board (AGIFCAP) that helps with technical advise and financial support.


  • In the AGIF State of Colorado, we have six chapters there are in Pueblo, Colorado Springs (1) and (4) Denver area.


I would like to personally thank our veterans for all their sacrifices they made for the greater good of our country.


I would like to take a moment to reflect and remind ourselves that we are a family veteran’s organization. We need to remain focused and expand on the mission of the AGIF and the reason it was founded. By continuing Dr. Hector P. Garcia’s legacy and uniting the veterans, women and youth chapters, we will recognize the strengths and commitments that bring to our organization.


Our official Motto is “Education is our Freedom and Freedom Should be Everybody’s Business”


I look forward to serving you and the community and greatly appreciate your trust in me as Former State Commander. Together we will work forward to promote our principles and beliefs and continue achieving goals set at local, state and national levels.


Thank you for your time,




Luis Vázquez-Contes

AGIF Former State Commander

Heading 1

AGIF - US National Headquarters

635 Corona St. STE # 114

Pueblo, C0lorado, 81004

ph: (719) 299-4838

or  (719) 299-4839


Don’t Say I Should Have. Say I Did.


Sponsored by agif 5281 chapter

Contact person: Kathy Clenin

Contact  # (720) 933-1081

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