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The American GI Forum of Colorado

From the Office of State Commander

Luis A. Vazquez-Contes

4027 Valley Dr. Valley Dr. Pueblo, Colorado

Cell Phone #719-406-6473 | Email


Friday, June 26, 2015


Mr. Steve Burke

Chief Executive Officer

NBC Universal

30 Rockefeller Plaza

NY, NY 10112


RE: Donald Trump’s Racist Remarks/Anti-Immigrant Campaign Speech


Dear Mr. Burke,


My name is Luis Vázquez-Contes and I am the State Commander for the American GI Forum for the State of Colorado.  I am writing to you regarding the recent inflammatory remarks made by Donald Trump during his recent Presidential Campaign announcement. While I and my constituents understand that NBC Universal does not endorse Trump as a candidate we are calling for immediate termination in your business dealings with this racist.


The NBC Universal Diversity and Inclusion credo states: “At NBC Universal, we celebrate diverse cultures and backgrounds by presenting positive role models, telling diverse success stories, commemorating heritage, and fostering dialogue on a variety of platforms, to create powerfully engaging content that makes a real difference in people’s lives.”


How can you possibly present positive role models and encourage diversity while allowing this man to be on your network? While Trump may have forgotten that Latinos are hardworking, family-oriented individuals, I know that NBC Universal has not.


The American GI Forum was founded on the principles of preserving, respecting and advocating for Hispanic Veteran Rights and has been the preeminent veteran’s organization in that capacity since 1948. We have honorably served our country and in recognition of our service, we ask that you acknowledge our petition for Trump’s immediate dismissal along with the petitions of our brother and sister Latino organizations such as HACR and LULAC.


As an educated leader of a major US broadcasting corporation, I know we can depend on you to do the right thing.


Lack of action on your part, will cause our organization to boycott all NBC Universal entities and properties until Trump is FIRED!


Respectfully yours,



Luis A. Vazquez-Contes, Former State Commander

American GI Forum of Colorado


“Education is Our Freedom and Freedom Should be Everybody’s Business!”


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